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  • Debra Topham

The FDA Approved Dietary Fiber list gets fatter with 8 new additions.

Sorry for the pun, but sometimes you just need to make a dry fibrous topic a little more fun and chewy…

The FDA added 8 new dietary fiber to their approved list.  The details can be found FDA Issues Guidance, Science Review, and Citizen Petition Responses on Dietary Fiber (14 Jun 2018).

New dietary fibers

mixed plant cell wall fibersa broad category that includes fibers like sugar cane fiber and apple fiber, among many othersarabinoxylanalginateinulin and inulin-type fructanshigh amylose starch (resistant starch 2)galactooligosaccharidepolydextroseresistant maltodextrin/dextrin

Previously approved dietary fibers:

[beta]-glucan soluble fiber (as described in § 101.81(c)(2)(ii)(A));Psyllium husk (as described in § 101.81(c)(2)(ii)(B));Cellulose;Guar gum;Pectin;Locust bean gum;Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

For Additional Information:

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