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Nutrition & Supplement Facts

We utilize the USDA National Nutrient Database (FoodData Central) or your laboratory nutritional analysis to develop a complete nutrition panel.  knowledge bank helps you select the reference serving size to comply with the most recent regulatory changes. Our reports are available on a per serving, per container and/or per 100gram (100mL) basis.

FDA issued new regulatory formats and calculations to USA nutrition panels (both foods and supplements). USDA permits (but does not require) companies to follow the FDA's updated nutrition information displays. 


Domestic and International companies must plan ahead with time, money and resources so they are compliant by January 1, 2022.  On that date, all newly packaged foods and supplements must comply with the new requirements (unless you are a small food business then you get an extra year)!

knowledge bank is on your side to stay ahead of issues and avoid surprises.

Collage of headings from nutrition facts and supplement facts displays with faded edges
Nutrition Facts

Nutrition information displays on conventional foods and beverages were once called the NFP and traditionally are black ink on a white background. Now, FDA refers to this "white box" as the Nutrition Facts label (NFL).  We provide graphic-ready formats with the compliant displays based on your package die-lines and on-pack claims.

Pile of capsules with green and tan powders, clear soft gelatin capsule, 2 white tables.
Supplement Facts

For Supplement Facts, we understand the nuances right down to the details like proper naming conventions for botanicals (genus /species /plant part.)  We've worked in the industry since pre-DSHEA so you have an experienced partner with knowledge bank.

Blue jacketed man with elbows on table and head cradled in both hands in frustration.
Cannot decide if you need a Nutrition or Supplement Facts display?

Need more help? knowledge bank can help you with your business decision to comply as a conventional food or beverage vs. a dietary supplement. Additionally, we can assist with ingredient listing and allergen declaration, in the approved regulatory format so it complements the nutrition panels.  Utilizing our full label review reports, we may also review your entire label and advise what details are missing on your nutrition panels.  We review the labels and check the proper serving sizes against the reference amounts set by regulation.   This may assist you in identifying other potential claims that you did not see previously.

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