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Label Reviews

Packaged foods have label requirements that go beyond a catchy name and a white nutrition box. Do you know what has to appear on your specific product package or did you rely on something that was already in the market? Did you know that there are different requirements for juices than for chicken lasagna? We offer a selection of services from health claim checks and cleaning up ingredient lists to guidance for graphic designers on how to accommodate required text. We provide confidential advice regarding allergen statements and how to list your company name.


knowledge bank provides insights into “must change” and “recommended changes” to your current labels.  Look to us when you do a brand refresh, too.  Get our help on the first “hero artwork” then you take on the rest of the changes.  We give you a “thumb’s up” on your first label “health check-up” so you can take the lead on the rest and manage costs.


Contact knowledge bank as we’ve worked in a variety of business settings from retail to multi-level marketing and can make recommendations that fit you.

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