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  • Debra Topham

New FDA Guidance – March 1, 2018

FDA has posted new guidance to help the US food and supplement businesses with compliance to the updated nutrition label regulations.  The final rule was issued May 2016 and was to become enforced July 2018 (or 2019).  The announcement is available here.

An extension to the deadline was proposed by the FDA. The new deadline was to be January 2020 (or 2021). We’ll have to continue to wait until “Spring 2018” for a firm and final rule on when the packaged foods and supplements will be enforced for proper nutrition labels.

While we are waiting, there is plenty of new help for the industry posted today (March 1, 2018) on these topics:

  1. Serving sizes

  2. Added sugar in honey, maple syrup and cranberry products

  3. What FDA will use as a ruler when examining a “synthetic non-digestible carb”—but no specific answers on the synthetics currently submitted for consideration

On April 26, 2018, Knowledge Bank is partnering with California Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA for a basic label training course. Check back for more details on this one-day course.

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