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  • Debra Topham

Label Training – Cal Poly Pomona

In case you missed it, we thought we’d share some photos…. contact us at ‘debra at’ if you’d like training on-site at your business.

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Bare Bones of Food Label Regulations

Food Label Training

Scheduled for April 26, 2018 AND HOSTED BY the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture at Cal Poly Pomona (California)


How to make an ingredient declaration and allergen statementWhat is a product name and characterizing flavor on the front-of-packWhen can a claim be made for “free from” or “packed with” for nutrients like calcium or fiberThe graphic differences and nutrient definitions for “old” and “new” nutrition facts formatsHow a daily value and rounding rules work for Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber and ProteinWhen to “count” an ingredient as an added sugar or dietary fiber for labeling purposesWhat makes a serving size and how this affects servings per container or the new dual column formatsRegulatory agency involvement in labeling enforcementWhy bragging about a good nutrient requires disclosure about other nutrients

To register visit:

Too many food companies find out there IS a labeling regulation when they are first threatened by a lawsuit or notified of regulatory agency action.  Get the bare bones of USA food label regulations in this 7-hour workshop hosted by Cal Poly Pomona.  This beginning workshop is for those new to what must appear on a food label.  The workshop is intended for food industry professionals, agri-business faculty, entrepreneurs, registered dietitians, food science & food-related business students.

The practical tools and examples will help attendees create a skeleton of the 7-basic label elements. Take the fright out of how to declare “added sugars”, “additives”, and “dietary fibers” when transforming labels before the new nutrition facts deadline of July 2018. The workshop will demonstrate where to find the rules, calculations, and disclosures for the basic “packed with” or “free from” nutrient claims.

Save the date: Thursday, April 26, 2018 at Agriscapes at Cal Poly Pomona.  Visit for upcoming information and registration details.   Continuing Education Units/Contact Hours have been applied for through the International Food Science Certification Commission (IFSCC) for certified food scientists and Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.


Debra KW Topham, MS, CNS, CFS, Director of knowledge bank

Debra is director at Knowledge Bank. Her boutique consulting firm provides “health checkups” for USA food and supplement labels as well as substantiation reports for ingredient claims. The Huntington Beach, CA consulting service checks that USA product labels & sell sheets including nutrient and health claims are in compliance with FDA, USDA, and FTC regulations.  Debra is a 35-year veteran of the food industry with experience reviewing more than 3,000 product labels for her clients and Fresh&Easy Neighborhood Market and soon the software launch of ReviewQ®.  She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Food Scientist and adjunct lecturer for local universities.

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