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knowledge bank

technical knowledge brokers to the food & health industries

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Label Reviews

We're known for answering the question, "Is my label artwork OK?"

knowledge bank provides "health check-ups" for your food or supplement label when you sell packaged products in the USA.

We’re technical knowledge brokers to the food & health industries. Call us when you need a solution to a food or nutrition science question.

Nutrition Facts/ Supplement Facts

knowledge bank helps companies create accurate Nutrition Facts (NFL) or Supplement Facts (SFL) that comply with USA regulations.  Whether using national databases for theoretical values or your product-specific lab data, we can help.  Look to us as your partner in your product launch with accurate nutrition information.


Claims Substantiation

knowledge bank helps you gather the third party literature for your files to support label claims before you go to market. We have decades of experience preparing the research summaries and monographs from peer-reviewed or original research to support website claims and sell sheets.



Debra K.W. Topham,
Director & Chief Scientist

knowledge bank is a specialized consulting firm serving food and supplement companies as well as importers to the USA.  The business was started in 2002 by Debra K.W. Topham.

Ms. Topham specializes in reviewing food, beverage, meat, poultry, and supplement labels for compliance to FDA, FTC, and USDA regulations.  This includes recommending to domestic and international clients the appropriate nutrient, health and product claims based on supported science and compliance to the rules-of-the-road.  She's experienced guiding start-ups how to edit sell sheets to meet trade show guidelines, too.





Knowledge Bank

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Tel: 714-642-5100 (Pacific)

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